Imagine walking into your work after learning that your best friend is dying. Imagine for a moment, that like many workplaces, no one knows what to say. And you’re feeling devastated. And maybe you’re worried about how you’re going to get through that client meeting, you’re worried about your loved one and you feel split. You’re there, but not really.

There is a different way

Imagine you walk into your work, your friend see’s that you’re really upset and says ‘what’s wrong?’ You say,  ‘I just found out that my best friend is dying’. They say, ‘I’m really sorry to here that, come and sit down and I’ll get you a coffee’.

You’re walking into a place where you know that there are going to be a group of people that are sensitive to what you’re going through because they understand that work is about people. And people live connected lives in and of the office.

Your manager asks ‘what’s wrong’ and ‘how can I help?’ and  ‘what do we need to do here?’. Someone else says: ‘Come for a drink after work'. And you feel in this exchange, a sense of relief that you will be ok.

Imagine this is workplace policy. It’s the way it’s done around here

This is a compassionate workplace. It’s a place where care is in the domain of the people.

How do we work

Who in your organisation are the good listeners?  you know the ones. Those people that others tend to go to, (the ones that don’t need communications skills training….!)  Who in your organisation are experienced in loss? Have a story to share?

These are your champions for change.

We will meet with your champions and run a training session addressing the skills for good help and we’ll co-create ways to encourage the kind of support and care that works for your culture.


Our Approach is Based On

Authentic story telling

Stories have the power to move. We share our stories in the training session with candor and purpose to create a level playing field. We’ve found that time and again, when we lead with sharing, it creates a comfortable and somewhat relieved to find a space where others can openly discuss their experience of caring, of loss and grief.

Good science

We’re not just making it up. We draw on the latest research around loss, how people grow and what creates positive culture.


Attendees are taken on a journey. It’s not a counselling group. We draw out experience and build confidence.


We will work closely with you at every step of the way.

We can show you how to use the best evidence in social care to support your greatest asset – your employees – at the most stressful time of their lives.

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Making the Case for the Compassionate Workplace