At the core of our work is helping you ask the question
"What can I do to help?"

OUR PURPOSE is to create a more death literate society, one where people and communities have the practical know-how needed to plan well and respond to dying, death and grief. This means transforming end of life conversations into deep community engagement and social action.

Meet the Team

The GroundSwell Project is an international leader in death literacy and has been at the forefront of this movement in Australia. Founded in 2010, we are passionate innovators focused on systemic long-term change through the grass-roots. We have developed and delivered over fifty-five community capacity-building projects and programs aimed at creating a cultural shift in the way Australians respond to death, dying and grief. They include our ‘10 Things to Know Before you Go’ workshop and the national day of action ‘Dying To Know Day’ (D2KDay) to build death literacy in the community and workplaces through local leadership and social action.

We have created multiple partnerships and projects with community, government and health. We are a social enterprise and registered charity with DGR status.